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The Council for a Secure America (“CSA”),
was founded on the premise that American energy independence through the production of liquid fuels served as the underpinning for U.S. security. This energy independence, and the strategic alliance with Israel, strengthen America’s mutual security and global standing.

As America has successfully achieved energy independence, CSA will expand its efforts to champion the ideals of the Abraham Accords and its critical impact on geopolitical security and synergizing global trade..

CSA will advance these partnerships and is committed to bringing a multi-faceted awareness to the complex and evolving challenges and opportunities that have emerged from the Accords.

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High Oil Prices Lift Saudi Arabia, Bolster Prince’s Economic Plans

A bonanza of extra revenue shows how elevated crude prices are benefiting the Persian Gulf’s resource-rich economies. RIYADH, Saudi Arabia—The Saudi government posted a $27 billion budget surplus Wednesday, as this year’s high oil prices accelerate Crown Prince Mohammed bin ...
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Harold Hamm
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Harold Hamm Slams Biden For Venezuela Oil Deal

The owner of Continental Resources and one of the faces of the shale revolution Harold Hamm has criticized the Biden administration’s decision to grant sanction relief to Chevron so it can restart its operations in Venezuela. Read full article HERE ...
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Oil and Gas
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Europe Proves a Rush to Green Energy Demands Too High a Price | Opinion

After years of being beholden to foreign production, American ingenuity and new technological advancements accelerated the American energy renaissance. This seminal moment catapulted America into a position of dominance—with positive ripple effects reverberating both domestically and abroad. Read full article ...
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Gas pumps
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U.S. gives Chevron go ahead to pump oil in Venezuela again

The Treasury Department on Saturday said it would allow Chevron to resume pumping oil from Venezuela oil fields. Why it matters: The license, granted by the Treasury Department, would allow the California-based oil company to pump Venezuelan oil for the ...
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OPEC+ Agrees to Biggest Oil Production Cut Since Start of Pandemic

Move to reduce daily output by 2 million barrels is likely to boost prices and help Moscow. Read full article HERE ...
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