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The Council for a Secure America (“CSA”),
was founded on the premise that American energy independence through the production of liquid fuels served as the underpinning for U.S. security. This energy independence, and the strategic alliance with Israel, strengthen America’s mutual security and global standing.

As America has successfully achieved energy independence, CSA will expand its efforts to champion the ideals of the Abraham Accords and its critical impact on geopolitical security and synergizing global trade..

CSA will advance these partnerships and is committed to bringing a multi-faceted awareness to the complex and evolving challenges and opportunities that have emerged from the Accords.

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Mike Pompeo joins advisory board of Council for Secure America

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has joined the advisory board of an organization "dedicated to promoting United States energy independence, its impact on United States foreign policy, and the strategic relationship between the United States and Israel," it ...
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Mike Pompeo appointed to Council for a Secure America advisory board

During his tenure, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo played a major role in the Abraham Accords.Read full article HERE ...
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Egyptian FM: Abraham Accords good for peace

Speaking about Egypt’s role, Shoukry said that his country has tried to fill that gap through collaborations with the US and the EU.See the full Press Release HERE ...
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Secretary Pompeo joins the CSA Advisory Board

The Council for a Secure America and its Co-Chairs, Harold Hamm, founder of Continental Resources Inc. and Fred Zeidman, Chairman Emeritus of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, are delighted to announce the appointment of former Secretary of State and Director ...
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Sudan coup puts Israel ties on backburner, but unlikely to derail normalization

Military leaders who pushed ties with Jerusalem are now in control. But with bigger issues to deal with, the already torpid normalization process is expected to slow even further.Read full article here ...
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