January 19, 2022

U.A.E. Just Invested $100 Million in Israel’s Tech Sector as Both Countries Get Closer

A year and a half since the deal that normalized ties between Israel and the U.A.E., business is taking off.Read full article HERE
January 28, 2022

Biden’s Berlin Gas Airlift

Energy is Russia’s most potent nonnuclear weapon, so it’s no surprise that Vladimir Putin is leveraging it as he threatens Ukraine. Europe’s climate obsessions have made […]
January 31, 2022

Herzog, in First Meeting With UAE Crown Prince, Calls on More Arab States to Normalize Ties With Israel

The president tells Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed that Israel ‘completely supports your security requirements’ following attacks by Yemen’s Houthis. Read full article HERE
February 7, 2022

Israel, Bahrain sign new defense memo in signal toward Iran

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel and Bahrain signed a defense agreement Thursday as part of a show of cooperation aimed at sending a message toward archenemy Iran. […]