Holds an LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Undertook LL.M. studies in the joint program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Georgetown University Law Center.

Born on 1977, Father of three Son of Morocan parents.

Delek Driliing CEO
CEO of Delek Drilling since 2011. He also served as CEO of Avner Oil Exploration from February 2016 until its 2017 and led the merger between the companies. Served as Chairman of Tamar Petroleum 2017 – 2019, and from June 2018 he acts as Delek energy CEO. He previously served as Trade and Regulation Manager of Delek and Avner. He is a senior partner in the development of the Tamar and Leviathen reservoirs as well as promoting development of all the other discoveries. On behalf of the gas partnerships, he led the regional export agreements of neutral Gas with Egypt, Jordan and other Arab countries, while establishing strong and strategic relations with countries and governments in the region. He also negotiated for the sale of natural gas to the Israeli local Market including the IEC. Yossi is leading the company’s possible IPO in London.

Senior Professional Adviser to the Minister of Finance

Served as a Senior Professional Adviser to the Minister of Finance in Israel, during his role he was involved in the formulation of the state budget and structural reforms in the Israeli economy.
Played a role in formulating and implementing Israel’s then economic policy, while also handling the ongoing activity of a variety of commercial, economic and social matters vis-à-vis the different divisions of the Ministry of Finance, other government ministries and the private sector. Among others, involved in and took part in the management of Israel’s fiscal policy during the years of the global financial crisis.