Mike Zapata contributes extensive leadership, command, control and resource allocation expertise. His experience and expertise in intelligence fusion and interagency operations brings valuable insight and perspective to the table. Mike has the unique and creative ability to ‘stack the odds in our favor’ as we strive to leverage our capital and maximize shareholder value.

Mr. Zapata is the Founder and Portfolio Manager at Sententia Capital Management, LLC., a value-based capital management fund that focuses on applying analytical focus, discipline and patience to grow long-term investments for his partners. He is a strong believer in the better we do, the more we can give back. A percentage of his gains are donated to support family members of fallen SEALs. Mr. Zapata currently serves in the capacity of Lead Director, Intermap Federal Services since his Intermap board appointment in September 2016. He also serves as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee of the board.

Mr. Zapata is a Texas A&M University graduate where he was a Dougherty Award recipient, recognized for high moral character, patriotism for both country and state, and earning trust and admiration of the Corps of Cadets and student body at large.

Upon graduation, Mr. Zapata commissioned in the US Navy to pursue the goal of joining a great team and becoming a Navy SEAL. Starting and graduating with Class 237, his desire to serve would crystalize when 9-11 occurred in the middle of basic underwater demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training. In the proceeding Global War on Terrorism, Mr. Zapata’s deployments included multiple trips to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa, and various other locations in the Middle East and West Africa. His commands included SEAL Team TWO, Special Activities and Support Activities TWO, SEAL Team TEN, and served as a member of the nation’s Tier-one counter terrorism unit, Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DevGru). Mike transitioned out of military service in 2010 to attend Columbia Business School in New York. There he was accepted into the Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing and earn a master’s degree with a focus on investment management. Upon completion of his MBA, Mike formed Sententia Capital Management.