The Council for a Secure America (“CSA”) is a non-partisan organization with a limited, focused mandate: to promote America’s energy independence and to show why it is in America’s best interest that Israel remains strong and secure. CSA is an educational organization and has been granted tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service under IRS Sec. 501(c)(3).

America’s dependence on Middle East oil negatively impacts our economy, foreign policy, and our standing in the world. We are beholden to Middle East producers for a significant portion of our energy needs costing trillions of dollars, which impacts our balance of payments and deficit. In so doing, we are also strengthening countries, which are funding Islamic terrorists who plan for our destruction.

Until recently, we may not have had a choice, but today, as a result of new environmentally sound technology, we have the domestic capacity to become energy independent.The United States is Israel’s closest friend and ally and provides significant financial and political aid to this strong democracy. However, what is not well known are the many ways Israel benefits the United States. Israel is on the front line fighting terror and provides America with very valuable intelligence, in addition to cutting edge, game changing technology both military and civilian. It is clearly in America’s best interest that Israel, a strategic democratic ally, remains strong and secure.

We carry out the mandate of CSA by hosting field trips to exploration sites in the United States. These trips educate participants on the significant domestic energy potential and showcase the desire and ability of the industry to deal with potential environmental concerns.

The CSA also hosts trips to Israel to demonstrate what this democratic state provides to our country such as intelligence, technology and scientific advances.