CSA Updated Mission Statement 2021

American national security rests upon three cornerstones: a strong, credible military, a vibrant economy and American ingenuity vis-à-vis industry, trade, and high-tech, and our global relationships with allies. The America Israel alliance embodies the archetype of a successful long-lasting and ongoing bilateral partnership that has weathered an ever-evolving world. CSA was founded on the premise that American energy independence through the production of liquid fuels served as the underpinning for U.S. security. This energy independence, and the strategic alliance with Israel, strengthen America’s mutual security and global standing.

For decades, American foreign policy was forced to compromise and make concessions to foreign nations in order to fulfill its need for energy, which fueled the U.S. economy. In 2019, thanks to American domestic producers and grit, the U.S. achieved energy independence making the America the leading oil producer in the world. This accomplishment fortified American national security and served as a source of geo-political stability in the Middle East.

This tectonic shift has reshuffled the political landscape and sowed the seeds of peace in the region enabling old adversaries to become allies. In 2020, the United States brokered the Abraham Accords—promoting unprecedented normalization and multilateral ties between its closest ally, Israel, and neighboring Arab States including the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sudan, and the Kingdom of Morocco.

These newly formed alliances have opened the potential for multilateral trade, investments, and shared security cooperation. As the United States embarks on this new chapter in world history, CSA is expanding its mandate to enhance these partnerships by advancing its mission of synergizing trade and security. We are committed to bringing a multi-faceted awareness to the complex and evolving challenges and opportunities that have emerged from these accords.

CSA will champion the ideals of the Abraham Accords in strengthening the partnerships of these relationships.

While CSA has been predominantly focused on domestic policy, we are excited to also add an international focus and work with global partners who share our interests.

CSA plans to expand its programming and educational mission to include the following:

● Expansion of trip schedules to include Gulf States and other Abraham Accords Countries-as an extension of Israel trips
● Formation of a trade and economic roundtable for energy/security/banking leaders
● Meetings and briefings with leading policy makers including government officials, domestic and international think-tanks, UN and Washington based Ambassadors
● Continuation of mission trips to Israel and the oil patch
● Continuation virtual programming and op-eds with leading international experts in the U.S., Israel, and globally
● CSA will also examine the recent gas findings in Israel and the Mediterranean region including the EastMed alliance, and the Hellenic partnership.