Mr. Mullennix is President and Chief Executive Officer of Panther Energy Company, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mullennix’s experience in the oil and gas industry began during his college years when he worked as a roughneck on various drilling projects in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico and Colorado. In the early 1980s, Mullennix formed and owned a construction/remodeling company in Dallas, TX and later re-entered the oil and gas industry and formed Mullennix Consultants, Inc., which acted as an independent consultant and broker to investors and oil companies. In 1995, he formed Mannix Oil Company, Inc., which was an early pioneer of horizontal CMB development.

In mid 2003, Mullennix and other key former employees teamed up to form Cannon Energy which was later sold to Panther Energy Company LLC. Panther has 85 employees and operates in Texas, Oklahoma and Montana. Mr. Mullennix is a member of multiple states’ oil and gas associations. He attended New Mexico State University with a major in Business Administration.