Fred Schneiderman – Director

Fred Schneiderman is the President/CEO of FBS Properties, Inc. FBS was established over 25 years ago and has served as an investment platform for Oil&Gas, Real Estate and Private Equity Investments. Prior to forming FBS Properties, Inc. Fred worked in Washington D.C. on Capital Hill and was tasked with assisting aggregating information such as voting history and political position on various issues for the 1988 Presidential campaign. Worked compiled was focused on the three Republican front-runners, including George H. Bush, Bob Dole and Jack Kemp. Today, Fred remains active in both National and local politics supporting candidates and causes that he believes will best secure Americas’ objectives.

FBS’s original mandate was to make real estate acquisitions from the Resolution Trust Company (during the Southwest S&L bailouts). Since 1991, FBS has been active in the Energy sector with acquisitions of both onshore and offshore oil and gas properties. FBS’s first investment in the upstream sector was the acquisition of several oil & gas offshore leases in the Gulf of Mexico; as an FBS affiliated company operated the producing properties.

FBS has since purchased/invested in several hundred oil & gas properties along with accompanied and strategic acreage. During the North American shale boom, FBS sold/subleased a considerable portion of its shale acreage holdings with estimated gross hydrocarbons in excess of $1B to major E&P companies. FBS is currently seeking to deploy capital in strategic opportunities amongst several verticals in the Energy sector.

Mr. Schneiderman previously and currently holds positions on both public and private Board of Directors, Founding Chairman and CEO of Nutex Energy, American Investment Group, IREX Inc., and a founding member and board holder in a Silicon Valley technology startup, which was an early pioneer in Cyberspace and Virtual worlds.